Frequently Asked Questions


What is the customer referral commission?

We only make money when you do. For every customer our platform brings you, we ask for a "referral commission." If Glass Card never brings you a customer you will never be charged for anything.

How will I be charged?

When you create your business account you will provide a debit or credit card. This card is ONLY charged for real customer redemptions. Your card will be billed one time each Monday for all customers who redeemed a Glass Card deal in the previous week. If you received no deal redemptions, you will not be charged.

How much is the referral commission?

The referral commission is a percentage of the discounted item only (not the entire purchase). This percentage varies by business type and region, but it is almost always less than the cost of an engagement on social media. In our case, though, they are not just liking or commenting on your ad from home, they are real paying customers in your store.

When you create your account a customer representative will reach out to you to discuss a referral percentage that is a no-brainer for your business. You can also email [email protected] and a customer representative will be able to assist you with your specific rate.

How much does each post cost?

All app posts, push notifications to customers, and social media boosts are completely free. This makes advertising on Glass Card completely risk-free.

Deal Specifics

How many deals can I post?

You can advertise as many offers as you want at a time. You can specify in your discount "terms" that offers cannot be combined. For this reason we recommend having multiple offers available to customers at a given time. One offer may appeal to one person, but something different appeals to another. The goal is to appeal to as many people as possible and get them through your doors.

How can I ensure a customer actually redeems an offer?

When a customer tries to redeem a offer and clicks USE NOW, the app will verify via GPS that the customer is actually inside your store. A verified customer will only be able to redeem one time per visit.

How does a customer redeem an offer?

The customer will show their phone and click USE NOW. They will pay your business directly as usual.